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The Scottish Deerhound is an older breed which has almost vanished when it was saved in Great Britain in the 1800s. The owners of this breed originally were only to be the Scottish nobility who used the dog to track deer in the forest.

Today the Scottish Deerhound is mainly used as a companion dog.

Scottish Deerhounds are very sweet and gentle. They are generally quiet dogs who are kind to everyone. They are great with children and strangers therefore they should not be relied upon as guard dogs. They are easily trained though they can be strong willed. These dogs are friendly with other dogs but can?t always be trusted with other animals. The Scottish Deerhound has a pointy muzzle, black nose, black ears that fold back, and dark brown eyes that are round. Their neck is very long but strong so that it can be raised at all times. The tail is long but tapers to a slight curve when it is excited. Their legs are very long and straight in the front end with small feet and arched toes. The coat of this hound is rough, wiry and fringes down on the legs and belly. Though there are many colors, the dark blue-gray is most common, followed by light grays, brindles, and red fawn. White markings may be on the chest or toes as well.

The Scottish Deerhound is very prone to bloat and dysplasia.

If you are a running enthusiast then this breed is for you. They love to run and make excellent companions on the track though they are fast and may be hard to catch if let off lead. If exercised sufficiently then they can do well in an apartment.





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