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In the 1920s, Roswell Eldridge, an American, wondered if any of the original longer headed toy spaniels seen in early paintings still existed. For five years running, he offered first prizes of 25 pounds at Crufts, England's most prestigious dog show, to be awarded to "Blenheim Spaniels of the Old Type." Whether these types were still found in litters or skilled British breeders did some quick crossing, the prizes began to be claimed.
This revived breed became the Cavalier King Charles, achieving Kennel Club status in England in 1944. This spaniel has accomplished a most remarkable "comeback." Princess Margaret, of the British royal family, acquired one in the 1960s, and this boosted the breed's recognition even more. By the 1970s, this toy spaniel was nearing the top 20 in British registrations. He has been among Canada's recognized breeds since 1957. The American Kennel Club includes the breed in its Miscellaneous Class division. Dog lovers Nancy Reagan, wife of the US President, and Mordecai Siegal, award-winning author, are current fanciers.
The clamor for the breed in England was such that it reached a point of diminishing returns. Breed entries soared and breeders were concerned about the problems that occur at the public's whim. This demand has now sensibly leveled off. With the English passion for the Cavalier in mind and the fact that the breed is charming, one wonders why they haven't caught on more in America, Their coat is long enough for beauty, but isn't so abundant as to require excess care. A variety of colors allows for various tastes. The tail may be docked a bit, or not, allowing the length to balance with the body. In the particolor dogs, there should always be some white at the tip, thus the capriciousness of the color spots dictates whether one pup has his tail cut and another not.



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