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A great bear of a dog, square powerful, intelligent and willing. They have a shaggy weather proof coat which is somewhat terrier like and is stripped in show dogs, they don't really shed but the grooming must be kept up for this to be an accurate description. They come in black, fawn, gray and brindle or grizzle colors. Their coat is weather proof and they are capable of living in any climate.

This is a working dog , they hold almost every degree a dog can earn and some have been trained for rather unusual endeavors such as hunting and retrieving. Their original purpose in life was herding and protecting cattle and he did his work alone without a man to control him. He has also been used to turn mills, pull carts, be a guide dog for the blind, military dog, message carrier, ambulance dog, guard dog, watch dog and baby-sitter and if I've missed something the breed has certainly done it. This is an intelligent dog who learns quickly and easily and is relatively willing to please.

The biggest problem people have in training them is not to bore them. They have an appearance and bearing that can make people stop and look, almost the same effect as a royal carriage passing. If they sense danger their alert serious nature is apparent to all, most intruders or attackers will choose to leave rather than argue with them. They are one of the most sensible dogs I've ever lived with, tell him it's all right and he accepts a visitor like a friend. They are calmly ready to protect you to the end, willingly giving their life for you if necessary. Very protective of their families especially children, they have been known to keep bumping toddlers away from roads or other dangers to keep them out of harms way. Surprisingly many of them make great water dogs, following boats, retrieving sticks, paddling with children.





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