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Bred down from pit-fighting dogs of the bull-and-terrier types, the Boston is one of the few breeds "made in the USA." Around 1893, a mixture of Pit Bull, Boxer, English Bull Terrier, French Bulldog and small English Bulldogs produced a pair—Hooper's Judge and Burnett's Gyp—who were the foundation of the Boston Terrier.
It is difficult to believe that these dapper little dogs were once tough pit-fighters. In fact, their weight classifications were once divided as light, middle and heavyweight. Their determination was remarkable, and they are still scrappy enough to defend themselves even with dogs many times their size.
In yesteryear, they were shown under the category of "Round-headed Bull and Terriers, any color." During the infancy of the breed, these little dogs were also called American Bull Terriers and Bullet Heads.
The Irish pattern is well established as the Boston's markings—i.e., white muzzle, blaze on skull, collar, and forechest; white paws and (if they had one) a white tip on tail. Markings are highly important in the show ring, with exact symmetry sought. The Boston's body proportions resemble those of the Staffordshire Terrier, while his short face and screw tail come from his Bulldog ancestors.
During the middle of the 20th century, the Boston Terrier reigned as the American king of purebreds, and his number one position lasted for many years. Because of the breed's large skull and small pelvis, however, many whelp-ings require Caesarean sections. Although he has stepped down from his throne to join the common dog, he retains his popularity as a pet by devoted enthusiasts of the breed.
Boston fanciers describe them as delightful dogs—keen and intelligent, not yappy. Their biddable nature produces good obedience workers and friends, making them an excellent choice for the elderly. The easily cared for coat and a need to be with their owners accentuate their selection as companions.



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