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The Border Collie probably remains closest in type to the generic "collie" of auld Scotland, originating in the border country between Scotland and England. One of the distinct features of the breed is its ability to "eye," a hypnotic stare which wills the sheep to move and turn. The Border was selected for its finesse at strong-eye, coming to prominence with the advent of sheep-herding trials, in which the breed excels. A Border of the early years, "Old Hemp," remains undefeated in English sheep dog trials to this day. Demonstrating his loyalty, another Border stood guard over his dead master for days after the shepherd died while in the hills with the flock.
Although type is distinct, size and coat variations always have been and are still less important than workability. Along with that vital quality, trainability is a prime consideration for the breed.
These dogs are often referred to as "farm collies" or "working collies" and remain excellent working dogs, aiding farmers and stock owners in sheep-herding. They are superb in obedience competition. Two types of temperament are apparent: the workaholic, driven to herd anything and everyone continuously, or the more laid-back family pet. Border Collies are happiest when given a chore and need to have an outlet for their energy. If thwarted in their herding opportunities, Borders will herd the neighbor's stock, other animals, the children—one, in Hawaii, even herds coconuts! A long-time breeder states, "To live with a Border collie is like having a shadow with you."
The Border is recognized throughout the world. The breed is highly exhibited in Australia and as part of the AKC and CKC Miscellaneous Classes. In North America many are registered within their own working-stock dog organizations, bypassing the official registries. Many Border owners fear emphasis on looks and beauty could lead to the breed's ruin. Instead these people encourage a stronger emphasis on working qualities.


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