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Bred to trail and hunt rabbits, this long, low slung hound works best in a pack. It works well in dense undergrowth and it is said that once the basset gets the scent of its prey it’s unrelenting in its quarry’s pursuit.

Playful and silly by nature, these funny hounds appear to have a carefree attitude about life and can lack an obedient nature. They are rarely in a bad mood and always eager to go follow their noses. True to the hound group they have a desire to roam therefore having an impermeable fence is a must with this breed. They are great family dogs.

Country of Origin



MALE : 60lbs (27kg)
FEMALE : 40lbs (18kg)


Its hair is short and feels moderately coarse to the touch, and should be of sufficient strength to endure rough hunting and stormy weather conditions. The skin is loose and elastic and has lots of folds. Basset Hounds have long bell shaped ears. Minimal grooming is needed, however attention should be paid to its long pendulous ears, as they are prone to infection. All colors are acceptable, but most are white and tan.


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