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Australian Kelpie

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The Australian Kelpie originated sometime around 1970 and played a great role in the development of the sheep and wool industry in Australia. They from the British and Scottish "working Collies", the Kelpie was developed to handle the harsh, hot landscape, extensive acreage and unruly sheep.

The Kelpie is a gathering style dog, using eye, bark and bite (grip) to move stock, as conditions warrant. Kelpies often worked unsupervised, relying on their own wits to find and gather livestock. Kelpies are very keen and active dogs, always ready to work.

The Australian Kelpie is primarily imported and bred by ranchers and farmers for use as a working stock dog. Australian Kelpies in the United States are used on all types of livestock, on large and small operations.

Males should be 20 to 23 inches tall, females 17 to 20 inches. They have a short outercoat that is flat, staright and weater resistant. The coat can be longer on the neck and on the hind legs. Their colors are black with or without tan markings, blue (light to dark gray) with or without tan markings, red (from chocolate to light red) with or without tan markings, tan (from dark to cream).

The Kelpie is extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent, with a mild, disposition, marked loyalty and devotion to duty. It has a natural instinct and aptitude in the working of livestock, both in a confined area and in open country. An open, friendly, alert but placid disposition is essential, with a good balance between keenness to work and ability to rest.

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