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Affenpinscher Description


What is an Affenpinscher? The Affen is dog of small stature with a BIG attitude. They are charming, extremely intelligent, loving and devoted to their people, cute beyond words and very, very "busy" for the most part. Once you own (or should we say, are owned by) an Affen, other breeds seem tame by comparison.

The web sites shown below give you a description of the "perfect" Affenpinscher. Our rescues are generally not "perfect" but are usually far from the breed standard. Many have noses that are too long, many are oversized, many have physical and emotional issues that require added attention. But one that they have in common with the "perfect" Affenpinscher, they make great companions for the right owner.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be owned by an Affenpinscher will tell you they are a fascinating breed. Those who love them are lifetime, devoted fans. They are mischievous, conniving, playful and just a fun dog to have around. The best Affen owner is an educated you are to be commended for coming to this page. Learn all you can before you decide this is the dog for you.

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