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Shipping a Puppy


.First of all, how is the puppy travelling? Air or Ground Transport? much depends on the distance.

When shipping a puppy across the country or around the world, planes are the preferred mode of transit, most of the major airlines have animal transportation specialists, and they assist with booking the flight.

You can't just call the airline's 1-800 number however, you want to grab your yellow pages, look up the airline and look for their cargo phone number, let the person who answers the phone know right away you are calling about shipping a puppy, as there may be another number to call for their animal transport specialists.

The airline will want to know the breed, the crate size (dimensions), the weight with the crate, the date you want to ship and where to, they will ask for the complete name and address of the person receiving the puppy as well as phone #, and they will suggest you check the booking the evening before in case of any scheduling troubles.. The crate will need absorbent material in the bottom (we use wood chips) and a clip on water (we reccomend ICE) and food tray both filled for the trip.

They will also give you an approximate price on the shipping, they can't give an exact price as they have to weigh the dog and crate before they know the price. Arrive prepared to pay for the shipping, the best is cash, in case the credit card/debit card system is down.

On shipping day the airline will suggest you arrive at the airport a minimum of 2 hours before flight time, this is important advice, they will turn you away if you are not there that early, and be prepared to spend as much as an hour at the airport the airline clercks take a long time to fill out the required paperwork.

If all is well your puppy will be accepted for shipping after a quick examination by security personnel (in the US) and it's time to call the puppy buyer to confirm the puppy has been shippedand it's expected time of arrival.

What if you prefer not to ship by plane or the airline won't accept puppies for shipping due to weather conditions (too hot or too cold)? Then ground shipping is the answer, that is, someone who has a truck and is in the business of taking pets all over the country. In the US we have used and reccomend Dixie Pet Express









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