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My Lady


I'm so glad to know that there are other people in this world who will take their time to help animals. In 1998, I saved an abused dog, who is very special to me.

I had been working at a preschool center for about six months, everyday this black lab mix would come over from across the street. She came to eat. Her owners across the street never fed her and let her have two to three liters of puppies a year. I could tell her body was completely worn out. Anyway, for six months I fed her everyday and gave her love and attention.

I would go home at night ( unable to sleep ) not knowing if she had a warm place to stay or not. One day I decided I'd go across the street to find the owners, it took a little while, but I finally did. I let them know that I thought she was pregnant again and should be getting proper nutrition. They told me that they let her roam all day and that she probably was pregnant again , but oh well! Right then, I told them if they could not take better care of her, I would call the humane society and have them fined. they promised they would.

Anyway, about two or three weeks later, she came across the street ( in the snow) carrying one of her dead babies in her mouth. She was crying and standing at the back door of the preschool. I called the humane society ( couldn't take her myself lived in an apartment) . They took her and ended up giving her back to her owners later own. To make a long story shorter. My sister also worked at the preschool and called me at home one day and told me that she thought I needed to come check on Lady ( Lady is her name) when I got there, she was laying under the school bus in a pool of blood, she had a tumor on her abdomen the size of an orange. I rushed her to the vet.

Two Vets told me right away that she had breast cancer so bad, I would have to put her to sleep. I couldn't do it, I kept saying to myself this poor baby has never had the life she deserves and I want to give that to her. I got another opinion from a Vet , I explained the situation she had been in and he told me that he would do everything in his power to help her. She went through emergency surgery for four hours, they removed all of the cancer they could. I had her neutered , and brought her home with me. I stayed up night after night for three months taking care of her wounds and giving her pain meds. After six months, the cancer came back and had to go under major surgery again. Once again they removed all of the cancer.

It has been two years now and the cancer has not come back. She's nine years old now and very healthy and very happy. My husband and I bought a house, so she has a back yard to play and she gets lots of love and attention ( she's spoiled rotten, now). Every morning when I go out to feed her, she puts her head on my chest, as if she is trying to say thank you. She also has two other playmates ( who were homeless). She really has the life she deserves after all of those horrible years with those people.

I want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to help abused animals!!!

Thank You for Listening!






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