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One day while working at my job that was taking refuse to the Transfer dump, which I did at least once a week from the construction site where I worked. But back to this fateful day, it was about noon when I arrived at the site to empty the truck that was full of refuse, and as usual I had to wait in line for my turn. I noticed a dog tied up at the leading edge of the pit building, all refuse is put in the pit crushed and made to fit in larger vehicles, then taken to a major dump site. But to make time pass I walked up to the dog and started petting and teasing him and getting real close. We were having fun, when this local attendant came running over and yelled, "Get Away That Dog Will Bite ," well this startled me but when I ask I was told that another truck came in, and while dumping his load he thru out this black rug type garbage, then the garbage got up and ran. While the attendants corralled the animal, the man that thru him got away, so they tied him up and called the humane society. Well, I told them that if the humane society was late showing up to call me and I would take him. Later that same day I received a call to come get my new pet. After picking him up and since he was not always a happy pet. I saw that he had an infection, so the next day, I took the dog to the vet that I use for my cat, he got looked over and some shots but I was informed that someone had done a rubberband job on him instead of going to a vet and getting neutered then an infection had set in and not been taken care of. So after a healthy bill and some very nice help from the vet I have a great Chow that thinks I am the one and only and I think that he is the best dog I every had. I always wonder, what the person that threw the dog away would do now, if he knew what a wonderful animal he had.
What kind of person would throw a live animal in with the garbage because it was sick or injured?







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