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Dog with Demodectic Mange


Hello, I have an 8 month old dog with demodectic mange. When he was first diagnosed with it I took him to get his treatments of Mitaban. Which he was allergic to. I moved in with my boyfriend and took Bubbie with me. The boyfriend now my ex and I could not get along and I was moving out to an apartment.

I couldn't take Bubbie with me so I asked the guy if he would take care of him, take him to the vet and keep him well. He said he would so with a sad heart I left my baby. Two months later I got a call from him saying Bubbie had been biten by a snake and was knocking on death's door. So I drove the 30 minutes had the vet waiting (after hours) for me. I drove up to find a scared dog with a swollen neck that was leaking puss, clearly it was infected. I hauled him to the vet where he was given a cortizone shot and given some pills, an 81 dollar bill I paid. Come to find out Bubbie had not had any more treatment, the infection was from him digging at his skin.

I sadly took him back knowing I couldn't take him with me, and knowing his fate of staying there. I prayed that nature would allow him a way out of this miserable life, as I drove home I cried because I knew my little baby would die. Then again I got a phone call but this time from the neighbor two weeks later telling me to come and get Bubbie because she couldn't afford to feed him and and he was getting worse. And she said that if I didn't come get him her boyfriend was going to shoot him. I do not believe in killing animals and this was not the way nature intended for Bubbie to go. So with my heart I drove to get him. I was mortified when I saw him. All swollen up, open infected sores, lost hair in several places, and red irritated skin. He was barely able to move so I picked him up and drove him home.

Now he is in my one bedroom apartment where the rules say no pets over 25 lbs he is 50. I immediatly took him to the vet. He had a fever of 106, and the doctor said he was doing very bad. So he put him on Cephalexin pills, Ivomac (orally), special dry food, raw meat everyday, and a homemade bath everyday. Today is our 2nd day, his fever has gone down and some swelling has decreased. Yesterday he could barely make it up and down the stairs. Today he is struggling but I don't have to carry him. He sleeps most all the time and is so starved for affection he wants to be near me at every moment. I feel so bad for ever leaving him with my ex. And because of that he has gotten worse and now is fighting to live. But I hope he will pull through and make it and get better. The landlady is out of down for the next week and a half, but she will have no choice because he isn't leaving. He is home where he belongs.

Bubbie is a pitt bull mixed with a chow, that I rescued from the animal hospital when he was four weeks old. He was found on the side of the road, and his mother was later found dead being hit by a car. His previous owners had home docked his tail which was infected. So since he was small he has had so many problems and has made it through he is a fighter, but the most precious and loving.

I hope you don't see this as me being a bad mom, because I do love him very much, and I wish he never had to go through what he did. I am not asking for an opinion, but I would like to let people know when you have a dog with demodectic mange keep them treated so it doesn't get worse. These animals can't treat themselves and trust thier owners to take care of them. Actually for any reason, always keep your pets health checked, and treat them if necessary. And if your pet has demodectic mange don't let them breed, stop this disease from spreading to innocent pups. Thank you for listening to me.







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