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Bud the Dog


iThis story begins with Mary. Mary, unfortunately for her, fortunate for us (you'll understand why when you read on) hit Bud one day on a busy street. Being the dog lover that she is,Mary brought Bud to the Humane Society(to try and locate the owners with no luck), then onto Purdue Vet clinic, and paid $1,200 out of her own money to help fix Bud. To make a long story short.... Mary is a friend of ours who knew at the time we were looking for a dog as our dog was 13 yrs old and we knew we were going to lose her soon. Mary asked us if we wanted Bud and we took him. It was an adventure to begin with. He was one year old at the time and had to be kept penned because he had 8 pins in his leg. We had to change the dressing twice a day for about two months. We got him in February, by April we were ready to turn the house over to him. It was certainly a challenge. But Bud is a loving Lab/New Foundland at 95 lbs. As you can imagine training has been a challange and we tried on our own, went to an obediance class (that didn't work) and finally caught Uncle Matty and WOW, everything we have done since has really worked.

Thanks Uncle Matty, you've been a lifesaver. We have a few areas to work on but for the most part he's doing much better.

On behalf of Bud.... thank you!

Cathy C.
Lafayette, India







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