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Abused Dog


This is a story about the abused dog I adopted. I adopted her 8 months ago. When I got her she was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything, because a man abused her. He even went as far as to cut off her tail. In fact when we adopted her she wouldn't even walk out of the place we got her, we had to carry her out. When we got her home she felt safe in the backyard, but in the house it was a totally different story. She was absolutely terrified, she even defecated on herself. But we didn't give up on her. We gave her lots of love and attention, and with in about a month, she began to show improvement with me and in the house. By 6 months she was pretty much cured of her fears, although she is still a little scared of men. She has turned out to be the most loyal and loving dog anyone could ever want. I am also sure that she appreciates my home more than a well adjusted dogs would. So if you would like to adopt an Abusive dog, go for it as long as you are willing to devote a lot of love and attention to it. I hope this helps some people out.








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